High-End Residential

High End Residential

The concept of a truly integrated smart home is something that many of us aspire to. But, in a world full of outstanding audio visual solutions, the technological reality can be overwhelming.

We are passionately committed to getting it right, from the very beginning, by engaging with our homeowners in order to fully understand their home technology aspirations.

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Home Automation

When it comes to residential systems, the seamless integration of technology into a home is always our main objective. Making a home simple to use is key, as is minimising wires and visual clutter, while avoiding multiple or missing remotes.

We can help you design your perfect home and give you the ability to control all of your devices, through one, centralised system. You can take complete control of your home’s installed technology; whether it’s multi-room audio and distributed video, lighting, climate control or security and intercom systems, all at the touch of a button, with a home audio and visual installation that is as unique as you are.

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Dedicated Home Cinemas

As self-confessed technophiles ourselves, we understand the pleasure that a dedicated home cinema can bring to individuals, families and friends alike, hence it’s a service that we put a lot of time and expertise into getting right.

Be it a simple living room / home cinema space, or a more complex, dedicated home cinema set-up;
, we work with you to design and deliver the look, feel and audio visual experience you want.

We specialise in room acoustics and acoustic treatment, cinematic design and layout, projector and screen technology and bespoke cinema lighting and seating. We can even give your cinema seats the D-box treatment for a fully immersive experience with the addition of synchronised movement in time with your chosen film or game.

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Zoned Audio

With almost every high end residential or MDU property now-a-days, multi-zoned audio is a must-have. The appeal of being able to walk between rooms and floors with your favourite playlist following you, or having the family able to play their favourite music, wherever they are in the house at the push of a button, simultaneously filling the space and changing the atmosphere, is a real joy.

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