Professional Hotel AV

We are renowned for delivering outstanding AV solutions across all types of hospitality offerings.

From budget to boutique, and everything in between; we’ll ensure audio visual technology adds to rather than detracts from the overall hotel experience.

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Hospitality IP TV

Mobility is a factor of modern life and, as the time spent travelling increases, so do our technological expectations. When we travel, our tablets, laptops and smartphones travel with us and we want the convenience of being to access our content, media and music, at whatever destination we arrive at.

IPTV in-room entertainment packages allow hassle free streaming of a guest’s content, via the hotel’s Audio Visual infrastructure, as well as giving direct access to the hotel’s mainframe media library.

Our in-room IP entertainment solutions offer an hotel the opportunity to set itself apart from the competition and lead the way, through the provision of a superior, technologically-enriched and friction-free in-room experience.

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Wireless Network Distribution

A robust network is a crucial component of any successful hotel system. We work with you to survey your current system and infrastructure in order to ensure that you have the necessary technological bandwidth. We will also take over a network to ensure that it is working at its full capacity and maximum efficiency.

Our extensive experience and strong industry partnerships, mean that you can have complete confidence that a wireless network solution will support and strengthen your products and services.

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Room Entertainment

At the centre of any luxury hotel room, suite or apartment, is the in-room entertainment system. We specialise in well-designed, bespoke solutions that offer your business a unique selling point and the ability to surpass your guests’ expectations.

With the introduction of hospitality TV’s and IPTV set-top boxes, the possibilities to stream any type of television package are endless and can be tailor-made to your exact specifications. We will design a system that is as individual as your guests.

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