UGG is an iconic American apparel brand, established in the 70’s. The brand may have its roots on beaches in Southern California but, thanks to considerable celebrity backing, its products are now widely seen on the feet of people in towns and cities, worldwide.

Its trademark sheepskin boots are lauded by the rich and the famous. As with any company, its strength, character lies in its integrity, as a brand UGG has a strong iconic image as a quality manufacturer at the cutting edge of fashion.

It is only right that for this project the technology deployed within each store reflects this with a strong company standard. Further to a series of consultations with the team at Decker’s we agreed a store standard that delivers simplicity, ease of use and deployment but also supports and strengthens the brand image.

We focused on four of our key partners Bose, Samsung, Onelan and Middle Atlantic and
worked closely with UGG’s parent company, Deckers, to design background music systems, projection solutions and video walls to complement each store.

And now each time a new store is added or refurbished in the UK or throughout Europe, the Middle East or Africa it is designed to meet agreed brand standards.

UGG Store 1920px Image UGG Boots Autumn 1920px Image
UGG Boots Scene 1920px Image

“I take it all back: LONG LIVE the Ugg boot!” – Vogue Italia EIC Franca Sozzani

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