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The Court Club London is a private members club situated in the heart of Soho. Previously known as the Bag O’Nails, the venue has a rich musical and artistic history made famous by legendary artists like The Stones, The Beatles, and Jimi Hendrix who used to perform there and socialise. The Court Club London has preserved the essence of this history in its nightly live entertainment, showcasing talented performers, comedians, and artists from different mediums.

Its trendy location and cultural ambiance make it one of the newest and most sought-after clubs in the central Soho members club scene, and provides a luxurious and sophisticated environment for its members to socialize, network, and relax. With its elegant decor, upscale amenities, and impeccable service, The Court provides a haven for professionals, creatives, and influencers alike.

It’s become a savvy place for people to come in for drinks and company instead of going elsewhere to hold after parties, all focused on food and drink and good music in a venue with an extraordinarily rich legacy. Members have access to a variety of amenities, including stylish bars, fine dining restaurants, well-appointed meeting spaces, and exclusive events. The club’s vibrant social calendar and curated experiences make it a premier destination for those seeking a refined and elite lifestyle in London.

AT&C The Court Case Study Image 1920x1080px
AT&C The Court Case Study Image 1920x1080px

AT&C Professional Systems were approved by the events management team during the initial design process to provide recommendations for integrated audio and lighting setups. Management knew exactly what kind of atmosphere they wanted to create, and consequently we put forward proposals for a professional d&b audiotechnik loudspeaker system together with Martin DMX-based lighting systems to provide the private club’s members with a sensory experience they wouldn’t forget.

With the advantage of decades of experience and AV expertise in hospitality venues, AT&C crafted an immersive audio-visual environment that enhances every moment within the club’s stylish confines. Because of the broad range of entertainment on offer at The Court from live performance to DJ to background music, the venue’s diverse usage required a versatile audio system creating a notably rock and roll feel, emulating the emotive sounds of the glorious musical decades of the 60s and 70s and providing intense dynamics and wide frequency range. The d&b audiotechnik speakers are positioned at each side of the stage with cardioid subs underneath and discreetly placed delays further down the room, delivering unparalleled sound quality and enveloping members in rich, crystal-clear audio whether they’re enjoying live music or casual conversations.

The overall effect is definitely large but intimate, allowing customers to be immersed in a big-venue sound system in a small space even within a few metres of the stage. Ceiling speakers are installed in the restroom areas, extending the musical ambience into all areas of the venue. Because of both the age and architecture of the building and relatively weak internet coverage, hard-wired cabling was employed throughout, giving beneficially rock-solid audio connectivity throughout the venue. The d&b rig at The Court is a properly configured and great sounding house PA system, offering everything in terms of performance and connectivity to visiting bands and performers that you’d expect from one of the industry’s top professional loudspeaker manufacturers. The audio system is complemented by Martin DMX lighting, the fixtures enhancing the club’s ambience with dynamically lighting control, enabling customised scenes tailored to each event’s mood and theme, and creating an atmosphere that’s both inviting and energising.

“AT&C’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence have made The Court London a standout destination for those seeking refined entertainment and social experiences. The audio system sounds fantastic and we’re really pleased with the work that the team has done to make this one of the best sounding members’ clubs in London.” – ‘The Court Management Team’

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