Octopus Energy and Kraken Technology

Octopus Energy is an undisputed leader in the supply of energy to domestic and commercial customers in the UK, recognised through numerous awards and industry accolades for outstanding customer service. Supported by revolutionary energy technology from affiliated firm Kraken’s cloud-based platform, both companies are dynamic and forward-looking, prioritising sustainability and innovation with a focus on renewable energy sources and cutting-edge technology.

Octopus Energy offers uniquely eco-friendly energy solutions for both residential and business customers, while its user-friendly online interface provides transparent pricing, personalised energy plans, and offers industry leading energy management tools that empower consumers to make smarter choices about their energy usage, and in doing so aims to revolutionise the way our lives are powered while minimising environmental impact.

Founded in 2015 with the backing of British fund manager Octopus Group, Octopus Energy Group employs over 10,000 dedicated staff world-wide, united by a shared goal with a drive to make energy better. Headquartered at London’s Oxford Circus, the firm has grown rapidly to encompass sites all over the UK, including Manchester, Brighton, Coventry, and Leicester.

AT&C Octopus Energy and Kraken Technology Case Study Image 1920x1080px AT&C Octopus Energy and Kraken Technology Case Study Image 1920x1080px
AT&C Octopus Energy and Kraken Technology Case Study Image 1920x1080px

About the project:- 

The Octopus Energy Group engaged AT&C Professional Systems to provide a new unified audio-visual experience across the entirety of its rapidly growing estate partly as a result of the company’s acquisition of millions of additional customers following the collapse of numerous small and established energy suppliers in the UK. Tracking Octopus’s expansion and as new sites came on-line, AT&C was able to roll out advanced AV technology modelled on a common template for continuity across the Group, for the various rooms and event spaces which are mostly based around a Google Meet platform with various add-on capabilities dependent on room size and specific application.

The project also required continuous re-evaluation of the client’s needs on an ongoing basis to ensure that the technology remains both relevant and up to date over time, while still keeping the deployment to core standard as the company grows. The core components of the majority of AV systems are Logitech’s Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini providing all-in-one video conferencing with built-in AI technology, connected to the heart of the system, a Google Meets Chromebox, in turn outputting video to large Sony BZ Professional displays with HDMI auto switching and Supervisor cloud-based management. This configuration has been rolled out for medium sized rooms which accommodate from two to 25 delegates, while across the larger event spaces and town hall presentation areas other options including additional microphones, Shure IP speakers and microphones, and IP-based cameras, have been implemented. Overall system control of audio and video is managed by QSC’s industry standard Q-SYS cloud-based platform. In the larger event spaces AT&C deployed K-array line arrays and matching subwoofers to provide uniform front-to-back of the room intelligibility wherever delegates are standing or seated, and these are used alongside large LED walls for corporate presentations and the like.

Flexibility is the key to the successful installation at Octopus Energy Group in the sense that individual systems can either be configured with basic functionality, or be completely customisable depending on the client’s needs. Connectivity of peripheral devices is essentially plug-and-play, which requires an absolute minimum of technical knowledge from staff. Samsung flip whiteboards integrate with digital signage across most sites along with Sony BZ non-touch displays and Samsung LED, providing interactive graphics and dashboarding information that gives staff at-a-glance views of key performance indicators from all sectors of the Octopus network such as the Oxygen EV car charging program, or live wind information from off-shore and on-shore wind turbines.

“We’ve had the pleasure of working with AT&C on several projects, and they always impress us with their professionalism and expertise. Communication with their team is great. They really listen to our changing needs and help us achieve our goals as our business grows. Over time, they’ve developed a deep understanding of both our TechOps requirements and our broader company needs, ensuring a user-friendly experience for all our AV solutions. They’re always willing to visit our office to investigate issues or provide support whenever needed.

Their commitment to providing our office with the latest, easy to use AV technology is outstanding. Whether we need to connect a laptop or a microphone for a big meeting or a presentation, it’s super simple and hassle-free, everything just works.

-TechOps Team”

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