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Guild Esports is a professional esports organization based in the United Kingdom and backed by David Beckham. Founded in 2019, Guild Esports quickly made a name for itself in the esports industry, particularly in popular titles such as Fortnite, Rocket League, and FIFA. The organization focuses not only on competitive gaming but also on developing talent and fostering a strong sense of community. Guild Esports has signed several top-tier players and teams, and it also offers coaching and training programs to nurture emerging talent. Backed by high-profile investors and partnerships, Guild Esports is poised to make a significant impact on the global esports’ scene, representing a new frontier in competitive gaming.

The pro lounge, with its soft seating, an epic sized screen, vintage arcade machines and all the games consoles you could ever need sits on the first floor, as well as several training room which contain some of the best gaming tech available.

The second and final floor is home to the Guild team and features a large open plan work and collaboration space which overlooks the roof terrace with a view of the city. Smaller zoom booths and larger meeting and conference spaces sit on this level acting as a place to socialise and work.

Reference – Third Way Interiors

AT&C Guild Esports Case Study Image 1920x1080px AT&C Guild Case Study Image 1920x1080px
AT&C Guild Esports Case Study Image 1920x1080px

About the project

AT&C working under Knowledge AV has successfully completed an office fit-out for Guild Esports, aligning the workspace with the organization’s dynamic and innovative culture. With a keen understanding of Guild Esports’ unique needs, AT&C integrated audiovisual solutions, ergonomic workstations, and collaborative meeting spaces. These meeting spaces are all equip with the Logitech TAP ZOOM bundle to provide symmetry throughout all spaces. Along meeting spaces, we have also implemented Bose DesignMax speakers throughout all social areas of the facility. This includes co-working spaces, Gym, Lounge’s and Café.

The office design fosters creativity, productivity, and teamwork, providing Guild Esports’ staff with a comfortable and inspiring environment to excel in their roles.

We’re thrilled to endorse AT&C for their exceptional partnership and invaluable contributions to Guild Esports. Working closely with AT&C has been a game-changer for us, as they’ve delivered a top-notch  audiovisual solutions tailored to our unique needs.

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