Something Special

And Now for Something a Little Different

At AT&C, we are no strangers to the extraordinary. We work closely with our clients to realise their technological ambitions, whatever they may be.

With a strong team, many years of experience and a powerful network of suppliers, we are strategically well-positioned to take on any AV challenge.

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  • Custom Lighting
  • Interactive Digital Signage
  • Bespoke Video Walls
  • Information Centers

Some of what we offer

We Can Offer Bespoke Cinema and Gaming chairs

Just as the audio visual design and equipment is crucial to the success of a dedicated cinema, so is the seating solution.

Whether you want comfort, interior design or to have an immersive cinema experience, the choice is really yours.

From seating configurations and gaming set-up, to fabrics, colour and comfort; a cinema can be as unique and individual as you are. We work with highly specialised manufacturers who provide custom theatre seating solutions for everyone, enabling us to deliver exactly what you want.

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Interactive Video Wall

An interactive video wall is a unique way to showcase and market your business. Whether it be a product, brand or service, having a high-impact, interactive focal point and a visual wall can really help to catch the attention, increase engagement and drive business.

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Bespoke Lighting

Thanks to lighting consultants, a bespoke lighting solution is now a key part of most projects. Having the ability to precisely control lighting components and a strategy to minimise environmental impact are also important considerations.

We work with a variety of companies to enable us to offer lighting solutions which maximise visual impact, while minimising environmental ones.

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